Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pizzeria Night


This was a YW combined activity that we were in charge of. We wanted the girls to learn some cooking skills & also talk about the importance of dinner time with the family. Sooo, we came up with the idea of a pizza night. We would sit down as a YW 'family' & have dinner together at our YW's Pizzeria! :-)

When the girls arrived, we had pizza dough for them to shape into a personal pizza & put their toppings on. While the pizzas were in the oven cooking, we talked about the importance of spending dinner with our families & having conversations with them. We had the girls put together & decorate conversations jars to be used in their own families. They had to cut up strips of paper with questions on them & put in their mason jars. We got the pizzas out of the ovens & put them on the table where we sat down together & used some of the questions from the conversation jar as practice. It was a fun evening & the pizza was awesome!

One of our class activities was preparing for our combined YW activity. We had the girls put together invitations & make place mats/name tags for each YW:The Invitation:
I used 'Godfather's Pizza' logo & put in the 'Young Women's Pizza' instead.I used some black aprons from work for the girls (Mia Maids) to wear:
I stapled on the logo I made for the night:I also borrowed 2 black chef's shirts from work for Sis. Bowman & I to wear:
I put the logo on our chef shirts too.I used color chalk to decorate a chalkboard for the night:
It was like our agenda for the night.Some of the homemade pizza dough that I made:
We strung up lights in the entryway:Our Menu Chalkboard in the entryway:Sis. Bowman & I showing off our Chef duds:The tables set up for the night:
We had checkered table clothes & candles for the pizzeria affect.Place settings & Conversation Jars:
Action from the night:
The girls forming their pizza pies...Look at the one flying in the air!Putting sauce & toppings on their pizzas:Fixing my own pizza:Do I look like I know what I'm doing?
I didn't think so... :)Getting the pizzas in the oven:Putting together their Conversation Jars:Pizzas' ready!Time to EAT!Look at all of that great conversation...What a fun night!And the pizza was amazing...Taking a well deserved rest... ;)The Mia Maids with their crazy leaders:Don't we look cute? Great job, ladies...The whole crazy crew...

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  1. What a fun evening! I was also looking at your Kick Off! New Beginnings. We're planning to use that theme for ours also. Would it be possible for you to send me any files you have for that evening? Thanks so much.